A Local and Loyal Agent Network

Alliance Realty Network is a personalized resource for connecting your clients with talented and dedicated real estate agents. We specialize in helping online lenders find savvy agents who not only understand a buyer’s preference to utilize online tools, but excel at serving these online buyers.

Growing your business means expanding your reach and creating new relationships. For many lenders, finding the right real estate agents to partner with in new markets proves difficult and ultimately becomes a barrier to growth. That’s where Alliance comes in.

  • Proven Track Record

    Our agents are prescreened and have a minimum of three years’ experience.

  • Open Communication

    We work as a team to ensure every offer aligns with the purchase and lending goals.

  • Leverage Local

    With a network of more than 7,000 agents, we have an agent where you need one.

Location Matters

Let’s say you’re looking to expand into Philadelphia. You have access to new lead sources, but neither the presence nor the agent relationships that you have established in other areas. While some networks may suggest they have agents in the area, Alliance has agents geo-located by ZIP code and we ensure the agent we pair with your borrower is not just in the vicinity, but hyperlocal. A truly local agent knows the market, knows specific neighborhoods, and serves them regularly.

Less is More

Alliance Realty has cultivated a network of more than 7,000 trusted agents. At Alliance Realty Network, we don’t accept just anyone. In fact, an over-populated network can be a detriment to your business. Our network comprises only the most experienced, best-performing agents – agents who not only close a lot of deals, but have demonstrated a track record of ensuring both buyers and lenders are completely satisfied with their service.

Loyalty Matters

At Alliance Realty Network, we work as a team. We recognize the difficulty in lead generation and understand the frustration when a qualified borrower falls out of your sales funnel.

That’s why it’s our goal to help strengthen the relationship you are building with your borrowers. By taking a team approach, your borrower will recognize the value you provide because we promote your services and monitor for any hints of breakdowns in communication.

This helps to protect both sides, and helps ensure you get more clients to closing. We are constantly analyzing feedback we receive from both buyers and lenders, so we can get a better feel for how our network’s agents are representing each side. Surveys from both parties assess the agent’s performance, and are in turn used to determine the agent’s status in our network.